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Support for families in crucial early years of a child’s life

Local services aim to support families in the early years of their child’s life.

  • Sheffield families and children are being offered the opportunity to engage in a programme that focuses on the importance of day-to-day activities such as the daily routine around the house, in relation to child development
  • A series of workshops and drop-in sessions have been set-up across seven Family Hubs in Sheffield
  • Most parents are unaware that their child’s brain is 90% grown by the age of five, shedding light on a critical gap in parents’ understanding of the impact they can have in these crucial early years
  • Sheffield City Council is one of 75 local authorities to be delivering Family Hub and Start for Life programmes
  • Services are being promoted through the campaign, 'Play, Chat and Learn', which sheds light on the importance of the home learning environment

More information here: Play, Chat and Learn | Sheffield (