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Temporary exclusion zone outside Graves Building (Central Library)

Central Library (Graves Building) daytime with blue sky with clouds and people walking along Surrey Street


The results of a recent external survey of the Graves Building (Central Library) have shown that there are substandard areas of stone or brickwork on all sides of the building.


This is due to the building’s construction and the delamination (oxidisation) of its steel framework, which has expanded causing cracks and loose masonry. 


From the 10th January, a temporary three metre exclusion zone will be placed around the building on the Arundel Gate, Surrey Street and Tudor Square elevations. This will include a footpath closure on Surrey Street along the whole of the footpath next to the building.


Entrances and exits will have protective scaffold canopies installed for the safety of members of the public and our staff as they enter and leave the building.


Councillor Richard Williams, Chair of Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee, said: “I’d like to reassure people using the Graves Building that after the survey, engineers did what was needed to prevent further damage to the structure. With the fencing and the canopies in place the building can still be used safely.


“We expect an exclusion zone to be in place for at least 12 months. The zone installed today will be replaced with a more robust structure soon given the length of time that an exclusion zone will be in place. We will keep our residents updated as the work on the building progresses.”