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Tennis courts reopen in Sheffield parks

tennis balls on a racquet

Following the Government’s most recent update to lockdown restrictions, tennis courts in Sheffield’s parks will reopen for public use, with social distancing measures in place.

The updated guidance states that people can use outdoor sports courts or facilities, such as a tennis court, or a golf course – with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart.

In partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association and Premier Tennis, Sheffield City Council is now reopening all its public, outdoor tennis courts, which are available with immediate effect.

All sites have been assessed to make sure that courts are fit for public use in the current circumstances, and that social distancing can be adhered to at each site.

Councillor Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture Parks and Leisure said: “I know that the Government’s recent changes to sport and exercise will be welcomed by many.

“We are pleased to be reopening our outdoor courts, with the necessary safety measures in place.

“We understand how important physical activity is for mental and physical wellbeing and that a return to some hobbies allows us to feel a little normality.

“However I must stress that we will be monitoring the use of our courts to make sure the guidelines are being adhered to and that everyone practices social distancing, to stay safe and prevent further spread of the virus.”

Outdoor tennis courts across the city are available with immediate effect.

The following rules must be adhered to by all players.

    • Maximum of 4 people per court, from the same household


    • Only 2 people per court from different households – singles games only


    • Players from different households must social distance (2 metres) at all times


    • All players must wash/sanitise hands before and after playing


    • No contact, handshakes or high fives should be made with those from different households


    • All players must bring their own racket, sharing is not permitted


    • Balls from other courts should be tapped back across with racket, not hands


    • No lingering or spectating before or after play


    • People play at their own risk: those with symptoms of coronavirus or who are in vulnerable groups should follow the Government’s guidance to keep themselves safe and limit the spread of the virus


    • Everyone must respect this guidance for the benefit of others; People can report concerns around lack of social distancing or anti-social behaviour, by calling 101

Tennis courts will be open at the following locations:

    • Bingham Park


    • Concord Park


    • Graves Park


    • High Hazels Park


    • Hillsborough Park


    • Millhouses Park


    • Thorncliffe Park


    • Weston Park

The existing booking process and charges remain in place at Premier Tennis locations.

Courts are priced modestly across the city at £5 or less per hour, with the ability to play for just £1 a time by purchasing a Parks Tennis Pass.

Advance online booking is quick and easy, with a court access code provided each time to unlock the gate.

Courts at Concord Park remain free of charge, but should still be booked ahead of time to avoid booking clashes and adhere to social distancing.

Jeff Hunter, Director at Premier Tennis, said: “It’s great that courts are reopening: Sheffield City Council and the LTA have worked well to do the necessary checks and provide us with the guidance for safe tennis to resume.  We’re trusting people to have fun, respect the rules and not forfeit this new-found freedom.”

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Sheffield City Council is currently reviewing other parks facilities to ensure people can safely use them and adhere to the Government’s guidelines. An update will be shared in due course.