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Terry Fox welcomes budget Supertram cash

A red, blue and orange Supertram drives through Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield City Council’s leader has welcomed the news that Wednesday’s budget will include £570m for transport projects in South Yorkshire – including around £200m for Sheffield.

But the council leader added that much more government investment in public transport would be necessary to give Sheffield commuters a service comparable to that enjoyed by Londoners and make “levelling up” a reality.

Cllr Terry Fox said: “This is welcome news. We’ve fought hard for this for a long time, and we’ll put the cash to good use to improve Sheffielders’ transport options.

“But we need much more than this, and we’ll keep pressing. To unlock Sheffield’s potential, we must have better public transport.

“Remember that, per person, Sheffielders still get a lot less than Londoners in government support for public transport.

“For instance the amount of funding on buses per head in London is £76, but in Sheffield this is less than £5. So the government has a long way to go before ‘levelling up’ can be more than a slogan.”

The full detail of the investment is yet to be revealed, but is expected to see over £200m invested in transport improvements in Sheffield, including:

  • Over £100m on Supertram
  • Over £35m on bus priority and public transport enhancements
  • Over £25m on active travel measures
  • Over £15m on local neighbourhood improvements

Sheffield City Council’s One Year Plan sees improvements in public transport as a key part of tackling the climate crisis, fostering sustainable economic development and building a more inclusive community.