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Thank you, key workers and unsung heroes!

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In Sheffield, we’re very fortunate to have such a huge amount of people that are working hard, every day, to protect us all from the spread of Coronavirus.

Every Thursday, we clap for our key workers across Sheffield and the rest of the UK, and yesterday we honoured a minutes silence for over one hundred key workers who have sadly lost their lives in the fight against Coronavirus.

We are now into week two of the second three week lockdown period, where people have been following Government guidance, and staying home to protect themselves and their loved ones. But, throughout all this, there are many unsung heroes who are making sure that those who need it most, the most vulnerable across the city, can continue living safely at home.

Director of Public Health Sheffield, Greg Fell, has been leading the way in thanking the many key workers throughout the city. With a Twitter following of over 12,000, this has been gaining great traction online, reaching national media, and resulting in Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty retweeting and saying ‘This thread is as good a summary as you will get about the remarkable work in local authorities and the wider community by outstanding public health professionals and many others…’


Screen shot of Greg Twitter thread

Greg writes a long thread (grab a cup of tea) thanking people such as Public Health England, Trading Standards, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire Brigade, local authority communications teams, housing staff, business support staff, the faith sector, schools and many more.

Screen shot of Greg Twitter thread

We know that care homes have been affected massively across the UK, and all our social care workers have been instrumental in providing vital care to so many.

As Greg says in his tweet “Our care homes and domiciliary care services who have done amazing things to keep the NHS running, to keep people as independent as possible and to keep infections in closed settings as low as possible (on this remember, 410,000 people aged over 65 live in the UK’s 11,300 nursing and residential homes. This outnumbers adult hospital beds by around three to one)."

This statistic highlights just how overrun the NHS could have been.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:

“There are so many key workers who have given so much to the people of Sheffield and I will be forever grateful for their care, passion and commitment to looking after us all.

“Thank you doesn’t seem big enough, these people are making sacrifices every day to make sure everyone else can stay home, stay healthy and keep safe.

“I want to thank everyone across the city, not just the key workers, but all those who have stayed home, you will never know how many lives you have saved in doing so."

You can follow Greg on Twitter at @felly500