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Thank you to those who care

Colourful mural with written messages about caring
Part of a 3D collage from the parents of young carers

Carers are vital to our communities. Without their support our care system would be severely compromised.

With over 60,000 carers in our city, both unpaid and paid, and over 7,000 children who provide care to a family member who they live with, the caring agenda is important and must not be overlooked.

A message to the Council from an unpaid carer, read out at this week’s Adult Health and Social Care Committee, said: “Some people can shout and make others understand what they need. Others find that hard. None of us ever thought we would be carers, that’s our job. Just make sure you are all doing yours right for people like me.”

In the committee, the Council recognised the progress of its 2022-2025 Carers Delivery Plan. It agreed that a report will be brought to a future committee setting out what else the Council will be doing to make sure that Sheffield is a Carer Friendly city. Six-monthly updates will be brought to committee to monitor progress as it’s acknowledged that there is plenty more work to do. This will include a number of actions, including signing the Young Carers Covenant, which has 10 outcome areas that the Council wants to achieve working with carers.

Progress so far includes the first ever Carers Roadshow in October 2023, with 33 support organisations in attendance. Carers reported that they felt valued and supported by having this opportunity to discuss their role as carers at the event. Sheffield Carers Centre have created their Involvement Network with over 100 people who are now involved in helping to shape services across health and social care. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have also created a Carers Passport which provides support to carers whilst their loved one is in hospital.

Councillor Angela Argenzio, Chair of the Adult Health and Social Care Committee at Sheffield City Council has this message of thanks and appreciation for all carers and those working in the care sector in Sheffield: 

The exhibition referenced in this video is the display at Sheffield Weston Park Museum, a collaboration between Pete McKee and Sheffield Young Carers to celebrate 25 years of supporting young carers in our city. The pictures are a powerful portrayal of what it means to be a young carer in Sheffield. They show the positive experiences as well as the difficulties they face.

Sheffield Young Carers and Pete McKee - Sheffield Museums Trust

The young people’s artwork sits alongside Pete McKee’s painting, Self Catering. This work is Pete’s response to reading about the large number of young carers living in the UK: “There’s no shortage of love, just a shortage of childhood.” The exhibition ends with HOPE, a 3D collage from the parents of young carers, expressing the key word that support has brought to their families.

To find out more about the work of Sheffield Young Carers, please visit

More information and advice, local groups, activities and services in your area is at Healthy living | Sheffield (

The Carers Delivery Plan is a multi-agency plan with key partners including Sheffield Young Carers, Sheffield Carers Centre, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Integrated Care Board and Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust.