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Scrutiny is a part of how the Council operates.  You can find out where it fits in the wider organisation on our How we Work page.

Who makes sure the work of the Council is being done as it should be?

This is the role of scrutiny and is undertaken by committees that are known as scrutiny and policy development committees working across the whole Council. They allow citizens to have a greater say in Council matters by holding public inquiries into matters of local concern and looking at decisions made by the Executive.

What do scrutiny and development committees do?

  • Lead reports and recommendations advising the Leader, Cabinet and the Council as a whole on its policies, budget and service delivery.
  • Monitor executive decisions.
  • ‘Call-in’ Executive decisions before they are put into place (ask for decisions to be looked at again) to consider whether the decision is appropriate. They may recommend that decision is reconsidered.
  • Can be consulted by the Leader, Cabinet or the Council on upcoming decisions and the development of policy.