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Sheffield: A film-friendly city

Bekki Wray-Rogers, BAFTA winning producer of ‘This is England 88’ and ‘This is England 90’

“Sheffield is a brilliant city in which to film, both for the sheer quality and variety of the locations it offers, and the can-do attitude of the people who live there.”

When it comes to filming we’ve got it all in Sheffield. Known as ‘The Outdoor City’ and ‘The Steel City’, Sheffield is one of the greenest places in the UK, yet offers vibrancy and grit.

Famed for our award winning public spaces, our brutalist architecture and our urban, retro and rural cityscape, we offer the perfect backdrop for arts and entertainment, creating authentic productions like nowhere else.

Our thriving nightscene, extreme outdoors offer and humble community spirit pulses through the city and everything that goes on here.

‘Our Sheffield’, our short film about life in the city, reflects a small sample of the diverse scenes that Sheffield can bring to your production.

We’re passionate about Sheffield and we’re keen to bring filming productions to the city. Regardless of your budget, size or genre we’ll do what we can to assist your project.

Find out more about locations, how we can accommodate your crew and your production, including how to get to us, what to do in Sheffield once you’re here and how much other productions have enjoyed filming here.

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