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Co-operative administration unveiled as Sheffield looks to the future

Four councillors stood holding signed agreements

Sheffield’s new administration has been formally announced today, with a co-operative administration of Labour and Green Party members.

At Sheffield City Council’s Annual General Meeting at Ponds Forge today, Cllr Terry Fox was named Leader of the Council, and named a co-operative administration of seven Labour members and three Green members.

The make-up is as follows:

  • Leader – Cllr Terry Fox (Sheffield Labour Party Leader)
  • Deputy Leader – Cllr Julie Grocutt (Sheffield Labour Party Deputy Leader)
  • Finance – Cllr Cate McDonald (Labour)
  • Housing, Roads and Waste Management – Cllr Paul Wood (Labour)
  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods, Wellbeing, Parks and Leisure - Cllr Alison Teal (Green)
  • Climate Change, Environment and Transport - Cllr Douglas Johnson (Sheffield Green Party Leader)
  • Inclusive Economy, Jobs and Skills – Cllr Paul Turpin (Green)
  • City Futures, Development, Culture, Regeneration – Cllr Mazher Iqbal (Labour)
  • Education, Children and Families – Cllr Jayne Dunn (Labour)
  • Health and Social Care – Cllr George Lindars-Hammond (Labour)

The new-look administration follows the Local Government elections that were held on May 6.

Residents also voted for a shift from the Cabinet model to a committee system. In preparation for that, this year’s administration will be supported by the introduction of four politically proportionate transition committees, which will allow for cross-party discussion and debate of proposals before they come forward for decision by the administration.

The new committees will also allow the council to test different ideas, enable new ways of working and help facilitate the move to the committee system in May 2022.  As part of this, the council will gain the views and input of the public in designing the new system before it goes live next year.

In order to support Sheffield’s recovery and renewal following the impact of the global pandemic, the co-operative administration set out a number of first-year steps and has committed to:

  • Implementing the new Local Area Committees, giving power back to Sheffield’s communities, devolving services to local areas, and giving local people a real say over decisions that affect their communities. They will seek to revolutionise how residents can influence the decisions that matter to them
  • Introducing a new approach to community safety, with additional safer neighbourhood wardens
  • Providing additional investment in young people
  • Supporting the renewal of Sheffield’s district centres, right across the city
  • Implementing the recommendations set out in the Arup report to create a pathway to deliver the shared ambition for net zero
  • Appointing an independent person to conduct a local inquiry into the management of the street trees dispute. Details are yet to be confirmed but this work is expected to launch in the autumn, with the aim of reflecting on and understanding what unfolded, to learn any lessons, and to support Sheffield to move forward confidently

Cllr Terry Fox said: “It’s the people of Sheffield who make our city so brilliant, and I am determined this co-operative administration will deliver for our communities. Everything we do will have Sheffielders at the very heart, I can promise you that. Local Area Committees will be at the core of our plans - listening to and empowering our diverse communities will be an absolute priority for us all.

“There will be plenty that we need to get our heads around as a new administration, but we have all committed to working in an open, inclusive and democratic way for Sheffield. This city is the best place in the world, and there are exciting times ahead. I’m thrilled to be leading this work.”

Cllr Douglas Johnson said: “This is a time for hope and optimism and as leaders we must all work together to do the right thing for the city. I am immensely proud of the cross-Party commitments we are making from day one – to connect with our communities, invest in our young people and to focus on our city’s green ambitions, taking meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis.

“The global pandemic means that the last year has been unlike any other, but we have an opportunity now to help Sheffield come back better than ever before. We are ready to represent the people of Sheffield, and we will deliver.”

Read the Labour and Green Cooperation Agreement