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Dash Tabor

Dash Tabor confidently stands smiling
Dash Tabor

ash Tabor is the Founder and CEO of TUBR a Sheffield based organisation optimising data processing in a faster and more efficient. The TUBR team are at the forefront of helping businesses start their data journey, making the jump to ML/AI more accessible and easier.

At first the tech industry wasn’t even an option for Dash, she says:

“I fell into it by accident! I thought it wasn’t for me. I thought I didn’t have what it would take but graduating in the middle of a recession meant that I need to go where there were jobs to be had. It took me a few years to find my footing but once I realised that every skill is valued in tech, I was able to start carving out a space that worked for me.”

Working hard with ever-changing, complete and incomplete data sets Dash found a way be able to turn even the smallest bog of data into business insights. Through here endeavors she has developed her prediction engines to anticipate consistently changes, allowing business to effectively manage assets while reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Moving her business to Sheffield Dash’s company with a multitude of benefit. She says:

Being located near the universities offers a great number of opportunities from fresh talent to research partnerships. The emerging Start up eco system provide support and access to experts that don’t tap into our runway at a greater rate than other areas. Many large companies hold offices in the region and we found it was easier to get meetings outside of London than inside London where there is a lot of demand for attention. It’s a great place to be with amazing people! “

Dash has successful built up a business through her self-belief and all her efforts. Thriving in the tech industry can be daunting but she says:

“Don’t be intimidated. You do believe here! I felt overwhelmed in the beginning because I didn’t come from a technical background when I started my career. I didn’t think I had the natural abilities, but the fact is tech allows a space for all skills and abilities. We need people who are very technical and analytical, and we need people who aren’t to be able to explain it. Everyone can find a place!"


As part of International Women's Day we are highlighting the experience and achievements of women in tech in Sheffield

It’s really inspiring to see women supporting women within the region. A day in Sheffield Tech Parks will leave me feeling like anything is possible. I’m always here to speak to any women interested in learning more, understanding how to break in or understanding how to navigate the space. My LinkedIn is - get in touch!”