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Look out for our LGBT+ adopters at Sheffield Pride

rainbow coloured flag
rainbow coloured flag

Proudly volunteering at the stand will be Lee. Lee started his adoption journey just under three years ago, adopting two children, quickly going from a family of two to a family of four.

Lee said: “We’d had friends who had adopted through the local authority and they wholeheartedly recommended us to do the same. After a holiday and some time to think about it, we came home and contacted the council to start our adoption journey.”

There are often myths around the adoption process; that it can take time and can be intrusive, but Lee’s experience was totally different.

Lee said: “My adoption process with Sheffield City Council was fantastic, it wasn’t overly intrusive, it was an extremely fair process and we were so well supported by our social worker.

“It has been the most amazing thing we have ever done, of course it is hard work, we had two tiny human beings in our lives that could talk, move around and keep us on our toes, but I wouldn’t change any of it!”

The number one criteria to adopt in Sheffield, which all the city’s adopters have, is the ability to offer unconditional love to their children. Adopters can be single, married, same sex couples, transgender, we do not discriminate.

Speaking of his experience and why he felt he wanted to volunteer at the stand, Lee said:

“I have been so well supported by the service; I wanted to donate my time to give back to so many people who have given their time to me. I’ll be sharing lots of honest tips and advice.

“My message to anyone who is considering adoption is that the process isn’t about being judged, it’s about getting the support you need to start your journey. Be really open and honest, and have an open mind.

“Finally, I fully recommend adopting through the Council, the level of support you get is amazing. To this day if I have any issues I know I can call and that the support will be there.”

The Pride parade starts from 11:30am in Sheffield; anyone can come along and get involved.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said:

“Sheffield Pride is a fantastic event celebrating the wonderful contribution the LGBTQ+ community make to our city and a great opportunity for the Council to contact lots of folk who might consider adoption.

"We have children and young people from all sorts of backgrounds in our care who need loving families that’s why the Council's adoption service have got a stand at the Pride event.

"We encourage applications from all people, including those from the LGBTQ+ community, to help us find forever families for the children and young people in our care.

"That’s why it’s wonderful to hear that Lee, who had a positive experience of our adoption process is volunteering at the stall and is willing to share his experiences  of the process and talk with those who might be interested in becoming adopters.

"We realise that the adoption process can take time, but we have to make sure we are creating the right partnership for both the child or young person and the adopter and make sure we find a forever family and a fantastic future for all.

"I hope everyone has a great time at PRIDE, will visit our stall and consider adoption.”

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