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Virtual cabinet meeting held for first time

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Sheffield City Council held its first virtual Cabinet Meeting recently with the Leader, Councillor Julie Dore, joined by all nine Cabinet Members to discuss and agree Sheffield's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last three months a huge amount of work has taken place across all council services with the aim of meeting the council's core principles:

    • Keep people safe and well


    • Protect the most vulnerable people


    • Support people to get back to school and work safely when the time is right


    • Follow Government and scientific lead and help people with the difficult decisions they are having to make


    • Support the city’s economic recovery

Councillor Dore said: "Coronavirus has presented us with many challenges over the last three months. We have all had to adapt hugely to our new ways of life and this is mirrored across all our council services.

"Our staff and councillors, as well as numerous voluntary, community and faith sector organisations are working extremely hard, in very different ways, to deliver focused and appropriate support where it is needed most.

"We reviewed our citywide response during our first virtual Cabinet meeting this week, and the results we have achieved in the face of such adversity, are astounding.

"There is a long road ahead with still much more to do, but we will continue to work with our core principles, putting the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and workers at the heart of every action and decision we take.

"I am so proud, and want to express my sincere thank you, to the way Sheffield has responded during this crisis."

Each Cabinet Member has outlined the work and the agreed response within their Cabinet areas. These are available below.






    • Councillor Jackie Drayton - Children, Young People & Families




Council meetings will continue to take place online for the foreseeable future. Details of meetings will be shared in advance to allow the public and members of the media to watch and take part.